RoadTrip Playlist



  1. Posted by mcrsoup, — Reply

    Most people my age: This Playlist Me: My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco, Billie Eilish, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Fall Out Boy. 😶

  2. Posted by melissamaceeden5, — Reply

    I really liked this playlist so I decided to make it for anyone who wants it but is too lazy to make it themselves

  3. Posted by avery_j0nes, — Reply

    hey everyone!! i’m not making anyone do anything but i totally recommend you checking out my spotify account @avery06 :) if you followy spotify and comment below that you followed, i’ll follow you on pinterest!! have a great day 💕

  4. Posted by lilynannini, — Reply

    i made a collaborative road trip playlist!! no songs on it yet so plz add your favorite songs:)) i’d love to have a ton of different ppls favorite songs in one playlist!! search “lily nannini” on spotify and the playlist is called “road trip” !!

  5. Posted by livinia8483, — Reply

    Anyone want to do a singing competition Thing? It’s just for fun and not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings! I’ll even let you pick the song we both sing, Make sure you reply To this comment telling me What song we’ll sing and Then I’ll make sure to message you! (I’m also not that good lol)

  6. Posted by itsalwayslou, — Reply

    Girl, what about One Direction, Louis Tomlinson, Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish?? They have such amazing road trips bops.

  7. Posted by mxltitacoss, — Reply

    I created the playlist so here you all go

  8. Posted by Mackthecat13, — Reply

    how dare you put down summertime sadness by Lana del Ray everybody knows that Sublime is the real OG

  9. Posted by DarcyFogarty32, — Reply

    There should be Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen and Highway To Hell by AC/DC. They’re perfect for road trips.

  10. Posted by Fiskkequeramigos, — Reply

    Lets just talk about now or never from Halsey that is perfect for road trip but is not on the playlist

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