Baked Beignets Recipe - Classic French Quarter Donut Made Healthier


Baked Beignets - The classic French donut famous in New Orleans made a little healthier by baking them instead of deep frying.


  1. Posted by luv2bamom1, — Reply

    Turned out great. Easy enought to make and yummy. I eat mine with a little honeay and whip cream... Mmmm a lot of sugar but once in a while

  2. Posted by abdessamiikarib, — Reply

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  3. Posted by dragonqueencats, — Reply

    Hey question: Can I fill these with anything I darn well please or are there rules? Cause they look fabulous.

  4. Posted by luckyis333, — Reply

    Question has anyone from Louisiana made them baked yet? I’m from here and I don’t wanna waste good dough LOL

  5. Posted by lexafire6, — Reply

    This just reminds me of princess and the frog 😂

  6. Posted by alexiselaycock, — Reply

    Looks like a good desert but is there derections or orders to make it?

  7. Posted by tfindica14, — Reply

    checkout @buffets on instagram for recipes and food ideas !

  8. Posted by aaliyahjazelle95, — Reply

    how do we cook it lol

  9. Posted by ejardin1179, — Reply

    wow looks so yummy to eat how did you get or make that are you a cook?

  10. Posted by franquizi22, — Reply

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